What is the Healthy Child Development State Resource Center?

This Resource Center is a one-stop shop for state and national tools related to healthy child development policies and practices intended to improve early identification of developmental concerns among children birth to age 8, referral for follow up services for children and families, and care coordination. The Resource Center includes tools from and for all states to improve developmental screening, referral and care coordination. With support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, NASHP develops and administers the Resource Center.

Young children and their families interact with multiple systems and state agencies. Ensuring healthy child development requires coordination and collaboration across all partners. To support cross-agency improvement, this Resource Center will include state-specific and national tools such as:

  • Standardized referral or follow up forms for use after a positive screening;
  • State (Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), maternal and child health, or Part C Early Intervention) agency policy guidance
  • Resources for providers
  • Resources for parents and families, and
  • Measurement and evaluation resources.

NASHP will gradually add new content. Initial content focuses mostly on Medicaid and CHIP developmental screening reimbursement policy. Stay tuned for future maps and content about other agencies and care processes (e.g., referral and care coordination).

The Resource Center is an update to NASHP’s Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) Electronic Resource Center, which was supported by The Commonwealth Fund. You can find select ABCD resources by entering “ABCD” into the search bar. Learn more about ABCD.

How Can I Share Feedback?

To suggest tools or content for the Resource Center or to send any corrections or updates, please email info@nashp.org with “HCD Resource Center” in the subject line.

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