Category: Screening Tools

  • Impact of Implementing ASQ Developmental Screening in a Pediatric Practice

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    Kevin Marks and Hollie Hix-Small (2007) PowerPoint presentation amended from a doctoral dissertation originally presented by Hollie Hix-Small, PhD. Provides information on why, where, and when to do developmental screening.

  • The Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS)-PLUS: Implementation Guidelines for Medicaid and Other Settings

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    Christina Bethell, Colleen Reuland, and Brooke Latzke. (New York, NY: The Commonwealth Fund, February 2007). This manual provides detailed guidelines for implementing the Promoting Healthy Development Survey-PLUS (PHDS-PLUS) in Medicaid and other programs and settings.

  • Oregon Child Health Provider Tool Kit

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    Oregon Health Authority website on developmental screening resources for parents, primary care providers, and ewal childhood providers.

  • Reimbursement for Developmental Screenings in Preschool Children

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    Policy guidance on developmental screening, billing, and referral under CHIP

    WV Developmental Screenings Reimbursement Policy[1]

  • Developmental Screening “Preferred Tool List” For Children Birth to Three Years

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    Matrix analyzing aspects of all of the tools recommended by the AAP

    VT developmental-screening-preferred-tool-list-may-2011

  • Recommended Developmental Screening Tools for Well-Child and EPSDT Visits

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    Policy guidance on developmental screening, billing, and referral under EPSDT

  • Utah Public Mental Health Practice Model For Infants and Toddlers

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    Policy guidance on developmental and mental health screening for young children

  • South Dakota Bright Start

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    Resources on child development and developmental screening for families


  • Developmental Screening for Young Children Guidance Document

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    Guidance for billing for developmental screening under the Oregon Health Plan, with information about the CCO incentive measure

  • Improving Early Childhood Standardized Surveillance & Screening Practices in Oregon

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    Recommendations from the ABCD Clinical Work Group for improving developmental screening