Category: California

  • California AAP Pilot Site Data Collection Template

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    California AAP (2008) Excel spreadsheet developed for recording and analyzing data from pilot sites implementing developmental screening. Results and indicators are immediately tabulated as data is entered.

  • California Institute of Mental Health: The Infant, Preschool, Family, Mental Health Initiative (IPFMHI)

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    CIBHS lists resources developed by a joint effort of First 5 California, the California Department of Mental Health, and the California Institute of Mental Health. The following materials are designed to support First 5 Special Needs Demonstrations Sites, First 5 School Readiness Sites, and other early mental health program efforts across the state.

  • CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines

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    Medicaid policy for screening and billing, included recommended tools, and guidelines for referral

  • Developmental and Behavioral Screening Guide for Early Care and Education Providers, CA Statewide Screening Collaborative

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    Guidance for incorporating developmental screening into child care and early education programs.