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  • Informational Notice to Providers

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    Illinois Department of Public Aid. (February 10, 2004). The purpose of this notice is to provide clarification on the billing of objective screenings and assessments under the departments Healthy Kids program and to advise providers of the Department’s acceptance of the Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services (GAPS) Adolescent Screening Tool.

  • Comments: Six Years of ABCD

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    (Julie Doetsch, 2013) This document contains comments from Julie Doetsch, Manager, Child Health Section, Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. In this document Ms. Doetsch discusses the history of the ABCD II & III initiatives in Illinois. This document also discusses provider training and quality improvement, systems and policy changes, and on-going activities that have taken place in Illinois as a result of ABCD.

  • Illinois Early Intervention Fax Back Form

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    (Illinois ABCD III Project) This form is used by Early Intervention to report back the status of a referral to the referring source and PCP. Part I is used initially to indicate whether early intervention has been able to reach the family and assign a coordinator. Part II is used later to inform the referring source and PCP about early intervention eligibility and services. The state will continue to make changes to this form in an effort to make it more compatible with state EI reporting systems.

  • Illinois Standardized Early Intervention Referral Form

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    (Illinois ABCD III Project) This form may be used by any service provider to make referrals to early intervention, with releases needed for early intervention to provide information back to both the referring source and the child’s PCP. The team will continue to make changes to this form in an effort to make it more compatible with state EI reporting systems.

  • Building Electronic Information-Sharing Systems to Support Care Coordination in Illinois

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    Larry Hinkle and Jill Rosenthal (Portland, Maine: NASHP, November 2011). Issue brief describing lessons and strategies from Illinois’ effort to build electronic information-sharing systems.

  • Assuring Better Child Health and Development: A Screening Academy. ABCD Consortia States’ Stakeholder Group Structure Examples

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    NASHP. Describes the membership and structure of the stakeholder groups formed to guide the ABCD Consortia.


  • Enhancing Developmentally Oriented Primary Care

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    Illinois AAP. Website to assist primary care providers in incorporating developmental screening into their practics. Includes videos and pages on the case for screening, identifying and overcoming barriers to screening, managing screening time, and a sample screening regimen.

  • Well Child Visit Priorities and Anticipatory Guidance

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    Section of the EPSDT manual describing aspects of the well child visit including developmental screening and referral, adapted from Bright Futures

    Provider Handbook

  • Coordinating Medical Homes and Community Services: A Resource for Enhancing Referrals and Care Coordination Among Primary Care Medical Homes, Early Intervention Service Providers, and Community Service Providers

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    Toolkit for early childhood service providers to improve their understanding of developmental screening and to better coordinate service delivery for children with developmental delays

    IL NovemberCoordinatingMedicalHomes

  • Illinois Early Intervention Program Fax Back Form

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    Standard form to inform primary care providers of Part C eligibility determination and IFSP