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  • Choosing developmental screening instruments: Scientific and pragmatic considerations

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    Dennis Drotar. (2007). PowerPoint presentation for ABCD Screening Academy Learning Session, July 2007. This presentation describes relevant scientific and pragmatic considerations in choosing developmental screening instruments. It aims to facilitate the discussion of implications for state level developmental screening.

  • Pediatric Developmental Screening: Understanding and Selecting Screening Instruments

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    (Dennis Drotar, Ph.D., Terry Stancin, Ph.D., and Paul Dworkin, M.D., 2008) This manual helps providers choose and apply the structured screening method that is most appropriate for their practice setting. The manual is based on an extensive review of scientific research on available developmental screening instruments. Part I of the manual is designed to help practitioners define their screening needs. Part II includes a series of guides that compare screening instruments with respect to clinical utility, and sensitivity and specificity in different populations and at various ages.

  • Early Intervention for Infants & Toddlers with Disabilities and their Families: Participants, Services, and Outcomes

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    Kathleen Hebbeler et al. (U.S. Office of Special Education Programs and SRI International, January 2007). Final Report of the National Early Intervention Longitudinal Study (NEILS). This report from the 10-year NEILS summarizes key findings from the study and notes their implications for policy, practice, and additional research. This report finds that children with developmental problems are in poorer health. (From website)