Outreach and Training

Making developmental screening available to children requires that providers and families are familiar with screening tools, their use, and their value. Outreach and education are essential tools in assuring children receive appropriate screening and any indicated follow-up services. Outreach efforts for families and caregivers may include websites with information about child development, explanations of screening tools, and lists of resources for a child with a developmental delay. Provider training may be offered in person in medical offices, through online toolkits, or through virtual seminars. These training sessions may meet requirements for Continuing Medical Education credit or Early Intervention certification. This page presents examples of provider training resources and educational materials for families and caregivers. Visit the federal Administration for Children and Families’ Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive! website for research-informed developmental screening materials tailored for different audiences including families and providers. Resources are available for multiple provider types, such as behavioral health, early care and education, Early Intervention, home visiting, and primary medical care providers. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Learn the Signs Act Early website has additional resources about developmental milestones and training resources for early care and education providers.


: All enrollees get an EPSDT manual and CMOs are required to educate providers.
Indiana: MCOs do outreach to providers and members and follow up with members who have missed screens.

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